J.Lamarck Biotech - Class AEUR23/10/2020402,41
J.Lamarck Biotech - Class BEUR23/10/2020365,44
J.Lamarck Biotech - Class C USDUSD23/10/2020432,41
ICAM First Class A*EUR06/05/2015NA
ICAM First Class BEUR23/10/202094,85
J Lamarck Pharma - Class AEUR23/10/202086,35
J.Lamarck Biotech - Class DEUR23/10/2020126,61
J Lamarck Pharma - Class DEUR23/10/202087,08
Best of SRI Balanced Fund - Class R2EUR23/10/2020103,24
Best of SRI Bonds Fund - Class R2EUR16/03/202090,95
Best of SRI Balanced Fund - Class C2EUR23/10/2020103,79
Best of SRI Bonds - Class C2EUR16/03/202091,75
ICAM Bond Class BEUR18/04/201980,97

 J. Lamarck Funds

The sub-funds named Biotech and Pharma are managed with the advisory of J. Lamarck S.p.A.. J.Lamarck is an investment advisory company incorporated in 1996 and specialized in “biotech companies”.
For years, J. Lamarck has stood for highly qualified consultancy aimed at providing all the support needed to get the best results from investments in biotechnology.
The focus is constantly on selection of those biotech companies that could become future leaders of the pharmaceutical industry. Investment policy is concentrated on stock picking and financial analysis in order to create the best investment portfolio possible.

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 ICAM First

The SELECTRA Investments Sicav compartment – ICAM First aims to generate a capital growth and to provide income over the medium term by investing mainly in European and United States equities and fixed income securities. The geografical areas of investments are the OECD countries with specific focus on European and United States markets.
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